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Review was made Dec 21, 2022

I am not an expert in fabric materials but the first thing I noticed about my Munkustrap costume was how high quality the materials both looked and felt when I took them out of the box. Everything was right to my specifications and very comfortable to wear especially the unitard which was the one I was the most intimidated to put on. No area of the unitard felt too tight or too loose when I wore it and it has a nice "thickness" that made it feel very sturdy but despite that felt very light and easy to wear. Same goes for the arm and leg warmers that were both easy to put on and take off. 

Once I had fully put on the costume I must have spent 5 minutes staring at myself in awe at how accurate it was to the character. I looked exactly like Munkustrap! I would also like to mention that Ashley would send photos and notes on her progress to me at regular intervals and would always respond quickly to any questions I had so I never felt in the dark while waiting for the costume to arrive. I am beyond impressed with Ashley's skill and professionalism and would recommend her to anyone even remotely interested in having a Cats costume commissioned for them.

A kind sir.

“Awesome costume! Fits wonderfully, Seller was super friendly, always sent pictures of her progress while working on the costume. She does such amazing work, I would most definitely purchase more from her in the future 😺”

Full Alonzo costume 
(picture is an example)

William on Sep 10, 2022 

“seller was very kind and product arrived very quick and in great quality."

Hailey on Jul 30, 2022 

“10/10, amazing quality and amazing seller!” (wig)”

Alastair on Mar 9, 2022

“I've never gotten an item like this from Etsy before, and I'm absolutely stunned. I wanted gloves for my Cats cosplay (1998 Jemima), and they were perfect. The design was beautiful, they were comfy, and they were a perfect fit. The seller is friendly, the ordering process is easy, and they were finished and sent to me quickly. I highly recommend this shop for anyone who needs custom gloves! "

Caylie on Sep 17, 2021

“Just received the amazing Demeter and Tugger tails and also the Demeter leg-warmers. They are really well made and made to my specifications to match the ‘98 DVD version! Can’t wait to put them together with our full costumes for upcoming events! Service was friendly and helpful and responded via messenger were swift :) thanks so much. I will post pics when the whole looks come together!!!” (which he did)

Bruce on March 12, 2020

“The costume is absolutely gorgeous and of really good quality. Ash was so friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. I would 100% recommend her for all your jellicle needs!”

Page on Aug 1, 2020


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