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We offer a variety of components of the CATS costume; from tails to wigs and everything in between. I do offer full costumes!



Some Cats don't wear arm warmers and have a sleeker appearance.


$20, $40, $75

Warmers add the appearance of fur to the costume. Some Cats wear two, some three and some four.

Custom Unitard

$100 - 175

Unitards range from $100-175, but usually fall around $145. A Macavity would be on the higher end while a Victoria would be on the lower end!

Unitards are zip back unless you provide one that is shoulder entry. They are hand painted with Jacquard's textile paint, heat set, then fluffed based on the chosen design

If you don't provide a reference, I will draw from different reference pictures and add my own twist.

I'm happy to bring to life a character you've created as well!

Tail - London or Fluffy


London wrapped tails are exactly what they sound like; a wrapped tail with a braided core. A standard fluffy tail resembles the tails used in later Broadway shows and as the name  implies are fluffier in appearance.

Yarn wigs


Yarn wigs are perfect for cosplay on a budget or Halloween. 

They are made of frayed Hometown USA yarn hot glued on a pantyhose cap.

They do require more styling then a Kanekalon wig.

Rum Tum Tugger mane

$75, $150, $200

Every Rum Tum Tugger needs a mane unless of course its his chorus costume.

I can do just the mane or add a shirt for half a partial look =^,^= or add a wig and tail with the shirt for the full partial!!!

Custom Collar


A pleather collar custom made to your size and the design of the character of your choosing.

Kanekalon wigs


Kanekalon wigs are made of synthetic hair hot glued to a panty hose cap.

Custom Shoes


Jazz shoes painted with acrylic paint after the style of the character of your choosing in your custom size. 

Full costume?

I do offer full costumes; and they run about $250!